Find out about the 12 massage techniques that Stelios, who has has in-depth training, offers clients who want a massage at their home or office.



It is the treatment of disorders of the movements and functions in the body that are caused by problems in the muscles, joints and the nervous system. The purpose of kinesiotherapy is to create the right conditions for the person who is experiencing the problem to respond to his / her functional needs as normal as possible.



There are thousands of reflex points in the hands and feet, in pinhead size. Each of these points relates to different organs, functions and parts of the body. In reflexology, we exert pressure to stimulate the nervous system and the corresponding body point


Swedish Massage

 Peter Henri Link is considered to be the father of the Swedish massage. References for the Swedish massage date back to  the early 18th century AD. It is influenced by Chinese alternative therapies and with various techniques, it helps relax the muscular system.


Thai Massage

 It Started in India and is one of the oldest methods, it became more widely known by Dr. Shivago who lived in Thailand. It has ten sen lines and is applied with thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and soles. It is more dynamic than other types of massage and is made on a matress with no use of oil, over the clothes. It is aimed at those with higher demands such as athletes. Thai massage combined with other types of massage has amazing results. Many call it “lazy yoga”, you can find out what is meant by that only after you try it !


In Japanese, it means spiritual energy and refers to a universal energy characterized by wisdom and is of a healing nature. The Reiki method is based on the passing of universal energy through the body and the hands of the practitioner and is transferred to the recipient by touch.


Ayurvedic Massage

It originated in the Vedas of China, is a part of Indian medicine and is based on the principle of Indian medicine ayurveda. It achieves health for the individual, relieves joint, back and shoulders pains  and combats harmful toxins by using anti-aging drugs. Special oils are used, each having distinct properties, their selection depending on the treatment. The treatments shirodara, nasyam etc are made in a unique way in ayurveda and are not related to any other massage.


It comes from the words “SI” meaning Japanese fingers and “ATSOU” which means pressure, finger pressure. The masseur uses thumbs, fingers and elbows in the meridians, through which energy flows in the whole body. However, it is based on and relates to Chinese medicine which is one of the oldest therapeutic methods. It is also directly related to acupuncture, since the same points are used, with the only difference that acupuncture points are activated by needles.


It is a combination of all the techniques I have learned so far and have united them by making my own program of the best results.


Perfumes. Essential Oils

Essential oils are mixtures of substances that evaporate very easily, derived from different plants with specific medicinal properties and characteristic smell. Essential oils have the ability to penetrate the skin very quickly. Their various refined smells help you relax and create a pleasant feeling.


Pads- Suction cups

Suction of the skin from the suction cup stimulates blood flow to the areas in treatment, releases congestion and inflammation from the muscles and opens outlets for toxin elimination. The suction cups are adhered to the skin after the pressure is  reduced by either a) heat change or b) by air absorption. In addition to the suction cups that are applied directly to the spots, we can also massage by rolling the suction cups on the skin, not losing touch with it.


Massage for pregnant women

Massage during pregnancy can make a decisive contribution to reducing anxiety and depression symptoms seen in pregnancy, providing effective relief from swelling and musculoskeletal pain while improving the health and development of the embryo itself.


Lymphatic drainage
(Vodder Method)

The technique for manual drainage of the lymph and, consequently, the most dynamic detoxification of the skin, but also of the whole organism. Lymphatic massage intervenes if there is a problem in the circulation with proper manipulations leading the lymph to the drainage pathways. One of the most important benefits of lymphatic drainage is the detoxification of the organs


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